what they believe

collected anecdotes of ambiguous love and hope

Good news about a device that will turn life into a better one. – Three treasure hunters follow the cross – A father and a son share the secrets of everlasting joy – On the other hand, a crippled child can only find serenity within his model railway. A miracle healer shall finally bring him salvation.

Little by little, odd human beings and an odd world will be made manifest. Always with them is a laughing kookaburra, suggesting what may be the only solution to this madness: Laughing lightheartedly.

The events portrayed in this movie are a collage of actual occurrences. These anecdotes of ambiguous love and hope have been collected in cooperation with evangelical Christians.

length: 10 mins approx.
2D frame by frame animation, mixed media, painting on paper
original language: english
color | 16:9
2.1 stereo | 5.1. surround


Official Selection for the Student Competition at MIAF – Melbourne International Animation Festival 21th – 28th June 2016

Official Selection for the Oblique Competition at Mecal XVIII Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival 10th March – 3rd April 2016,
What they believe will be screened on 17th March 2016 / 22h / MACBA – Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art

Premiere at Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games 8th – 14th February 2016 (Competition)

the team

directed and idea by: shoko hara
written by: simon thummet
produced by: michaela edl
animated by: sofiia melnyk, shoko hara
edited by: svenja baumgärtner
concept art: shoko hara, paul brenner
set- and character design: shoko hara
coloring: shoko hara, paul brenner, daniel brenner
coloring assistance: johannes geier, simon thummet, kathrin raczek
compositing: shoko hara
composer and music mixer: marius kirsten
sound design and mixer: marc fragstein, luis schoeffend
foley artist and editor: luis schoeffend
foley recordists: marc fragstein, volker armbruster
voices: marc fragstein, marius kirsten, luis schoeffend
script consultants: prof. andreas hykade, prof. hans beller
external project supervisors: prof. dr. holger lund, dr. cornelia lund
research camera: lotte hornstein, bennet meyer
research sound recording: luis schoeffend, bennet meyer

a filmacademy baden-wuerttberg production
line producer: thomas lechner

motion design department
senior lecturer: prof. dr. heike sperling
tutors: prof. andreas hykade, manfred becker, alexander hanowski
program coordinator: jürgen klozenbücher
project manager: konstantin schenk

supported by: red bull, uki uki studio, karodde123

(c) filmacademy baden-wuerttemberg, 2016


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